What’s different about us?

We are a flexible team with many years’ experience in communications and technology delivery. It’s an important combination; we’ve created content ourselves, and know how to deliver the experience technically.

We’ve personally managed and delivered the services we are offering to our customers, both in-house and in an agency environment.

Sometimes you just need access to someone who can do a broad range of digital tasks; you don’t have the skills in-house and signing a full-service contract with an agency isn’t really what you need.

We provide a content publishing service, technical consultancy and project management, across a range of tasks that seek to optimise your digital channels.

My digital team is able to be agile; offering digital skills when you need them. Whether the task is small or large. It’s like asking a member of your own team to complete a task. We have a flexible approach to cost, we avoid unwieldy processes and high overheads. We keep it simple.

Ask us to take a look at any digital tasks. We’d love to hear from you.


Who are we and what are our skills?

Matthew Gibson portrait photograph

Matthew Gibson

Co-Founder and Technology Expert

Matthew started building websites in 1998. Having built a portfolio of websites, he joined Argos in 2000 at an exciting time for e-commerce. As part of a newly-formed team focussing on web services, he worked on large-scale hosting and CMS projects, learning technical skills and enterprise processes.

Matthew moved to a London-based, international digital agency in 2006 to focus on CMS projects and work with a variety of clients; driving projects, designing solutions and developing staff. He became an independent consultant in 2012.

As a consultant, Matthew has worked for agencies and businesses, working to improve their digital offering, and also for VC funds launching new technology-based start-ups. He has worked in the UK and overseas, including in the Philippines and the Middle East.

He has broad experience, including demand generation, mobile development and UX.  He has a solid commercial approach that means he can holistically view projects, not just from the pure technical angle, but with added value to how it can best support longer term business objectives.

Matthew formed my digital team in 2017 in response to the growing demand for easy-to-access, affordable digital support services.

Charlotte Moremon portrait photograph

Charlotte Moremon

Co-Founder and Communications Expert

Charlotte has many years’ experience in corporate communications, brand, marketing and digital communications.

As Head of Corporate Communications for FTSE 250 Serco Group plc for more than nine years, she managed the internal process for announcing the company’s financial results, produced the Annual Report and Accounts, and was responsible for delivering Serco’s corporate digital strategy.

Charlotte creates and understands content, has delivered regulatory and investor relations content to online investor centres, and supported newly-launched businesses with online presence.

She has project-managed the delivery of new websites, social media campaigns, implemented CMS, selected digital agencies, advised on design and content effectiveness, usability, accessibility and data protection.

She has a hands-on approach, personally publishing content, imagery and completing UA testing and documentation.

Why work with us?

We’re a UK-based team with strong complementary skills and know-how and a genuine pedigree of communications and digital delivery.

We understand the role digital plays in communications, how it supports the business and how important it is to engage with audiences across digital channels, be it web or social media.

Publishing content and managing digital environments requires commitment, care and attention to detail. We know how important it is to get it right.

We understand the criticality of what we deliver. We are trusted by FTSE companies for sensitive, time-critical publishing. We are trusted to access and work in companies’ applications and infrastructure.

We want to build strong effective relationships with our customers and be known for excellent delivery.

Sometimes you just need access to someone who can perform a range of digital tasks. We are happy to look at big strategic projects, or small tactical tasks.

We reflect the value of what we are doing in our price. We don’t charge a premium if we are delivering a relatively simple service. For larger pieces of work, we will provide fixed price quotes, so you know what you will be paying.

If you have unused hours from a monthly retainer, we are flexible about carrying forward unused time and right-sizing retainers regularly so you are not paying for things you don’t use.


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