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There’s plenty about the digital world that can seem complicated and inaccessible. We don’t want to mystify, we are here to help you with what you want to achieve. Here’s some FAQs about what we do


We publish content when you need it to be published. We take a Word file, a pdf, or images and video and we prepare the page(s) in your CMS system as required. We check the item, save the page and publish to your site at a required time or when given the go ahead.

We can work outside of normal business working hours to ensure content is ready for publishing.

We do not set timers to publish automatically, preferring instead to manually publish to ensure the process happens smoothly. We advise clients when the page or item is live on your website or social media account.

We make sure your content is viewable on your digital channels.

Some customers ask us to help with posting to social media channels. We monitor, respond, and retweet relevant content if required.

Chances are we’ve already worked with your CMS in our 15 years’ experience. Once we know what you’re using, we will setup a test environment and come to you for a business handover. We’ll ask questions to discover how much customisation you have had done and will take copies of any in-house training material that you may have produced for your users.

We’ll talk to your IT provider to understand your hosting infrastructure and to discuss remote access. Once we have been provided with user accounts and access credentials we will undertake some non-intrusive familiarisation with our team and follow-up with you with any questions or clarifications that we need before actively publishing your content.

We’ve got lots of experience writing and editing web content. We don’t typically write your website content, but we can edit existing copy to make it more web friendly and searchable. We are happy to make recommendations to make your content more digestible and accessible to the reader. We also proof read and if we see something that doesn’t seem quite right, we will ask you.

We manage social media content for customers who are looking to ensure there is active monitoring of activity, responses, and signposting to other relevant content.

We have two rates that we work to. General support work is charged at £300 per day and our consultancy work is charged at £600 per day. Both rates can be discounted to £250 per day and £500 per day respectively for large contracts.

Our standard monthly retainer, with daily standby, is £1,500 per month for 30 hours (enough to get help everyday as needed).

We look at what you want to achieve, and agree with you how best to achieve it. We don’t charge a premium if we are delivering a relatively simple service. For larger pieces of work, we will provide fixed price quotes, so you know what you will be paying.

If you have unused hours from a monthly retainer, we are flexible about carrying forward unused time and right-sizing retainers regularly so you are not paying for things you don’t use.

We’ve delivered full CMS systems. We’re delivered redesign projects and migrated systems to new hosting. We’ve managed web and mobile projects. We’ve written digital strategies, design briefs, information architecture, personas, user journeys, user stories, timelines, functional specifications and technical specification. We’ve even written new project documentation templates for businesses that needed to redesign their processes.

We’ve managed UAT and performed end user testing. We’ve run requirements workshops and delivered bespoke training. We’ve delivered routine and ad hoc analytics reporting. We’ve managed social channels and setup email campaigns. We’ve managed supplier selection for digital projects. We’ve fixed projects that have gone wrong or lost steam. We’ve even monitored performance metrics and uptime.

We have many years’ experience working within applications and corporate IT infrastructure. We have policies that support our clients’ data and work with industry-leading technology to store passwords. We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients for sensitive publishing.

Yes, we are able to work out-of-hours, for example for the preparation and posting of time-sensitive investor relations content that requires preparation ahead of an 0700 posting.

We want to ensure our clients are getting value for money; we keep time sheets that log all our activity by the hour. These are sent to our clients once a month. We are able to roll over unused time to a following month, and right-size retainers as your needs change.


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